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Accessible Entrances – all entrances to the theater are accessible and have

automatic doors


Accessible Seating – wheelchair and scooter-accessible seating is available for

people with mobility disabilities who require the specific features of accessible

seating because of their disability in both the main theater and Biltmore Studio.

All main theater reserved tickets for accessible seating with (up to three)

companion seats are available online, by phone and in person by the producing

group. You must purchase a handicapped seat to be guaranteed accommodation.

The seas are H-1, H-2, H-3, H-4, H-5, H-6, H-7, and H-8


Note – for main theater “general admission” performances and any even in the studio (since seating is not reserved for that room,) please let the house manager know of your seating needs when you arrive at the theater for accommodation as available first- come, first serve


Accessible Restrooms – all restrooms at the theater are accessible


Accessible Parking – designated accessible parking for vehicles bearing valid parking placards of license plates is available on a first-come, first-served basis at both the rear and front theater entrances.


Assistive listening devices – amplify and clarify sound by cutting down or eliminating ambient noise. Infrared assistive listening systems are available in the main theater. Headsets with induction neckloops are available for patrons who use hearing aids and cochlear implants. Headsets are distributed free-of-charge on a first-come, first-serve basis from the coat check in the main lobby.


Personal Responsibility Statement – The Village Theater at Cherry Hill prides itself on offering a diverse selection of art exhibition and arts entertainment for our patrons. Not all productions or art exhibitions may appeal to or be appropriate for every person or all ages. Therefore, patrons are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the shows we offer in order to make informed decisions prior to purchasing tickets.


Children – The Village Theater and all its renters require every attendee to have a ticket. Most events are not suitable for preschool-age children. While we believe a child should be exposed to cultural arts, we are mindful of other patrons’ enjoyment as well. Therefore, we ask parental discretion in bringing small children and infants. Should a child be unable to sit quietly in his/her own seat throughout the performance, our ushers may request that the child and accompanying adult leave the theater


Ph: 734/394-5300 or 734/394-5460


50400 Cherry Hill Rd.                         
Canton, MI 48187 


The Village Theater at Cherry Hill

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